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№2 (73) April 2016

Focus: Optimal solutions in production logistics

Main sections:

  • Supply chain planning and S&OP technology in vertically-integrated companies
  • The efficiency of «Just in Sequence – JIS» concept
  • Production logistics methods and models
  • The development of staff competencies in logistics and SCM




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Chief Editor

Sergei Uvarov


Dear readers!

The topic of the second issue of our journal concerns the optimization of manufacturing logistics solutions. Modern industrial production is a complicated mechanism, which includes both engineering and manufacturing department (they carry out a production of semi-finished products, parts, components and assemblages from raw materials; after that they assemble finished products) and a lot of support deparments, which are often united with the help of a joint name – production “infrastructure”. Frequently modern production corporations (in particular, automobile manufactures) consist of an ample quantity of affiliated companies, which produce particular parts and assemblages and are situated over a distance from prime manufacturer, which assembles finished products. Nowadays it’s a current practice, when separate production departments and affiliated companies are situated in different countries. All of these facts complicate the problem of effective supply chain design and logistics significantly because they create additional challenges, such as transportation of finished product parts, the appearance of interstage inventories, etc. These problems stress the importance of integrated approach to supply chain synthesis from raw materials suppliers to end consumers taking into account their requirements and business aims further 



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