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Focus: Optimization of logistics activities in the supply chain

  • Logistic centers design with the usage of Public Private Partnership
  • Logistics in humanitatian supply
  • Organizational design in logistics and SCM
  • Logistic service management for retail enterprises

In an open access - archive of articles for the 2011-2014 year (Russian version) 


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Chief Editor

Sergei Uvarov


Dear readers!

There is a tradition to evaluate the results and make plans for the future at the end of the year. Last 2016 year was not simple for Russian Federation both because of the economic recession and continued economic sanctions. Naturally, this had an impact on logistics. Business slowdown as a result of the economic crisis touched all fields of transportation logistics service market including logistic providers activities.

Logistic providers market development depends largely on whole domestic logistic infrastructure quality and, in this case, undeveloped transport infrastructure, which is crucial for Russian regional markets effective operations, is a bottleneck. For the problem solution the integrating efforts of private investors and the auhorities of all levels as well as solid and long-term investments are needed. 

Forecasted for the short-term logistic infrastructure development directions are little different from the previous stage. They are the investments in the construction of the warehouses corresponding with the worldwide standards having the industry leading level of the equipment. Logistic providers stayed consistent regarding the aspiration to strengthen the position in regions, creating the regional warehouse network and developing transportation component. Also, the questions concerning the service quality improvement, qualified logistic managers training and specialized education level increase remain actual. The tendency to construct logistic centres and industrial logistic technological clusters remain unchanged. Meanwhile, the developer companies activity increased.

The materials of the 6th issue of our journal to a large extent deal with the problem of modern logistic infrastructure formation and logistic operations optimization in supply chains. In the articles by Rozhenko M., Pilipchyuk S., Nikolaevskiy N., Moiseeva N., Kurenkova P. and others the actual questions of modern logistic centres construction, selection process of the infrastructure objects and weight-handling and technological equipment are considered. Moreover, the models and methods of the transportation and warehouses processes effectiveness improvement are given. Studied problematics is often presented in the journal materials as distinct from the articles by the NRU HSE school of logistics lecturers Dybskaya V., Sergeev V., Vinogradov A. They arise extremely important logistics problems from the perspective of the organizational design and humanitarian supply.

In conclusion, I want to express hope that the economic recession in 2017 will cease as a result of the innovative logistics and SCM technologies implementation as the anti-crisis management tools by leading Russian companies. Also I want to congratulate our readers and the whole staff of journal editors and authors with the incoming 2017 year and to wish hapiness, solid health and good luck!


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