Uvarov Sergey A. 

Chief editor

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Working Experience

2018 - Present – Head of “Supply Chain Management and Product Distribution” Department in Saint-Petersburg State Economic University

2011 – Present – Professor in “Supply Chain Management” Department in National Research University Higher School of Economics , Moscow, Russian Federation 

1998 – 2018 – Head of “Technologies and Product Distribution Systems” Department in Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance; Head of “Supply Chain Management” Department; Head of “Commerce and Product Distribution” department in in Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance

1998 – Present – Programme Head: “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” at High Economics School in Saint-Petersburg State Economic University

1992 – 1998 – Associate Professor of Commerce Logistics in in Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance

1990–1992 – Chief Specialist in International Training and Research Centre of Business Development, Leningrad, Russian Federation

1982 – 1990 – Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of “Manufacturing and Building Industry Economics and Organization” Department in Higher Party School, Leningrad, Russian Federation

1977–1982 – Senior Engineer in Project Association “State University on Plant Designing of Power Engineering”, Leningrad, Russian Federation

1974–1975 – production engineer in “Techpribor”, Leningrad, Russian Federation


Electrical Engineer , Leningrad State University of Aeronautic Instrumentation (1974)



Dr.sc.oec (1997), Professor (2000)

Doctoral dissertation on “Logistics in Commerce Structures Business Organization” (Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, 1997)

Ph.D. in Economics (1982), Associate Professor (1988)

Full Member of European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hannover, Germany).

Academic interest

Logistics and supply chain management, logistics management, commerce, technological aspects of economics development, economics and organization of social issues

Consultancy work in logistics and supply chain management

Supervisor of 15 defended Ph.D. theses and 3 defended doctoral dissertations


The author of more than 320 scientific papers (total volume is more than 800 author’s sheet); individually and in co-authorship. 15 monographs and 35 course books, including: “Logistics. Short Course” (2 editions), “Logistics. Basic Course” (5 editions) “Logistics. Advanced course” (4 editions), “Commerce logistics: theory and practice” (2 editions).

Basic elements of this complex of course books (“Logistics. Basic course” and “Logistics. Advanced course”) were included in bibliotheca of Harvard University (the USA), Library of Congress (the USA), British Library (the UK), Stockholm University Library (Sweden), Sorbonne Library (France), TUHH Library and others.

Scientific publications in Germany, Poland, China.

Extracurricular ectivities

A member of editorial board “Logistics today”

Head of Dissertation Board D212.354.23 in Saint-Petersburg State Economic University – Economics and Management of the National Economy (management, business economy) (economical sciences).

Deputy Head of Dissertation Board D212.354.07 in Saint-Petersburg State Economic University. 08.00.05 – Economics and Management of the National Economy (economics, the organization and management for companies, industries, complexes (service industry), economical security, recreation and tourism)

Member of DR-LOG

Member of organization committee of Annual International Scientific and Practical Conference “Logistics: Modern Development Trends”

Member of the “University of Applied Research in Infrastructure Supporting” Fund Board, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Government Awards

Medal «In commemoration of Saint-Petersburg’s 300 years».

Honorary Title “Honorary Worker of Professional Education in Russian Federation”


Postal address:

125 319  Chernуakhovskogo str.16

phone/fax (495) 771 32 58

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