Influence of Logistic Management System on the Formation of Effective Business Model

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MAGAZINE №1(84) February 2018

AUTHOR Sergeeva O.E. - Cand. of Eс. Sc., Assistant professor , Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management,
National Research University Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg, Russia)

CATEGORY  Analysis in logistics and SCM Controlling Supply chain planning


In the environment of increasing market globalization, it is almost impossible for a company to asses strategically competitive business without targeting rationalization approach and optimization of logistics costs reflecting attractiveness of pricing policy of a company's business. In this case, the logistics cost management should be included in the set of parameters, determining the most investment appealing business. Foreign developments in the presentation of an effective business model, in general, describe the increasing role of logistics in creation of strategically viable business, without introducing the author's concepts in the vision of logistics in the business model.

As a result of building a determinant model of factor components of effective logistics cost management, we can identify and analyze key systematic characteristics, the management of which enables to influence a client's value of business, increasing competitiveness and attractiveness. The analysis of the results of logistics cost management within the framework of a business model of Russian enterprises made it possible to update the management policy towards enhancing the integration of the entire business chain; organize effective logistics management structure; improve the accuracy of planning strategy and forecast the integrated supply chain; increase investments in the automation and informatization of the business processes.

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