Methods and Models of Assessing the Effectiveness of Financial Management in Industrial Logistics

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MAGAZINE №1(84) February 2018




CATEGORY   Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling Production logistics 


 Analysis of the efficiency and management decisions risk is especially important today for the domestic enterprises operating in conditions of expensive financial resources and under pressure of international sanctions. The article presents various options for the formulation of the problem of the efficiency analysis of financial and material resources management in terms of their limitations. The problem of finding an optimum production expansion programme is formalized. Static and dynamic performances are given. The paper presents an example of implementing one of the models for practical solutions to a single-period problem of expanding the range of finished products. The paper shows a possibility of obtaining values of the output of each species and the procurement of equipment maximizing the profit under a given budget, certain amount of own funds required, the solution on expediency of a loan.

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