№4 (99) August 2020



Focus: Supply Chain Management Analytical Tools

Main sections:

  • Supply Chain Traceability, Visibility and Transparency
  • Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management Decision Making
  • Simulation Modelling Applications in City Logistics
  • Costs and Level's Optimization of Logistics Service

Electronic version


SERGEEV V.I., SERGEEV I.V. The Supply Chain Transparency: Terminological Aspects and Value for Chain Partners

BITIUTSKAIA A.A., KLOCHKO O.A. Post-crisis Transformation of Automobile Value Chains: the 2008 Crisis Lessons

LYCHKINA N.N. Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods and Technologies in Digital Supply Chains


ASLAKHANOV A.R., PAVLOVA E.V. Excursion Groups Flow Forecasting Based on Modified Random Forest

RYBAKOV D.S. The SCOR Framework as a Basis for the Model of the Company’s Logistics Cost and Service Level Optimization


VOLKOVA E.M., SOLOVYEV D.M. Application of Simulation Modeling in City Logistics and Economic Evaluation of the Results

NOVIKOV V.E. Information Support for the Promotion of Branded Goods in the Supply Chains of Network Retail Operators

TYURIN M.A., KHLUDNEV A.A. Increasing the Efficiency of Horizontal Cooperation in Rallway Customer Service by Using an Electronic Trading Platform


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