The Research of the Effect of Natural Conditions on the Optimization of Northern Delivery in the Seas of the Russian Arctic

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MAGAZINE  №2-3 (103) - 2021




KOROBOV V.B. - Doctor of Geographic Sc., Leading Researcher, Russian Academy of Science, Shirshov Institute of Oceanology (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

FILCHUK K.V. - Cand. of Phys.-Math. Sc., Leading Researcher, Head of department, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Oceanology department (SaintPetersburg, Russia)

YULIN A.V. - Cand. of Geogr. Sc., Senior Researcher, Head of laboratory, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute,
Department of ice regime and forecasts (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) 

CATEGORY  Logistic infrastructure Transportation in logistics


Natural conditions have a great impact on the delivery of goods and people by water transport to the coast and islands of the Arctic seas. The most significant impact on the timing of navigation is provided by complex configuration of the coasts, ice cover, storm wind and fogs. Within the framework of the traveling salesman task, which allows optimizing transport routes, the authors investigated the effect of average statistical hydrometeorological conditions on the time of the vessel's being on the road when visited 15 points. A comparison of the calculations with "ideal" conditions, when the influence of the ice cover and meteorological conditions is not considered, showed that even in this case, the reduction in transit time is 5.63%. It is concluded that considering the optimization of routes based on the effects of natural conditions should become an important element of a centralized supply management system, since it will allow forming routes in the configuration that will make it possible to increase the efficiency of budget expenditures and the quality of management of northern delivery. 

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