MAGAZINE №1(84) February 2018


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The internet retail development entails changes in supply chain structure, as well as the need for a complex logistics service for online retailers. The logistics providers can cope with these challenges and changes. The author justifies the expediency of this cooperation. The justification is based on several points: availability of a logistics provider infrastructure, additional services for internet retailers in the interaction with 3PL-provider, transaction costs reduction for internet retailers, scale economies in logistics service for online retailers, the current situation in the market of logistic services etc.

Based on the analysis of references the author notes that insufficient attention is paid to the logistics service development for internet retailers. As a result, the author has developed a procedure of the logistics service system development for internet retailers and the requirements for its implementation by a service provider. The special attention in this procedure in addition to the process requirements and logistics infrastructure formation is paid to the development of 3PL-provider services standard.

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MAGAZINE №5 (70) October 2015


CATEGORY  Logistics services market  Reviews and Analytics  Providers of logistics services Outsourcing 


The paper is devoted to the evolution of logistics outsourcing in Russia. It describes the main historical stages of contract logistics market establishment and development. The major economic, political and technological factors affecting the state of the logistics outsourcing market in Russia are analyzed. It is shown the structure of logistics outsourcing market the elements of which are defined via such types of activities as freight forwarding, warehousing, customs and other services. The dynamics of Russian and foreign logistics companies presence is specified as well. The activities of logistics service providers in the Russian market are exemplified 


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