MAGAZINE №3 (80) June 2017



BRUSKIN S.N. - Cand.of Tech.Sc., Assistant professor, Department of Business Analytics National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)

OGURECHNIKOV E.V. - Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Analytics National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY  Information technologies in logistics and SCM Service providers’ corporate logistics


Solving the problems of theory and practice management development in the interests of technical products’ after-sales service requires comprehensive analysis and the development of appropriate recommendations to create a modern effective management system. In the article the main models’ application directions in the interests of executives of service companies serving Russian-made technical products are considered. A balanced-scorecard strategy map of the service company executives' activities was developed, which is determined for the maximum coverage of all problem areas affecting the implementation of the service company management strategy in the course of after-sales service. The analysis of the existing models application problems in the service company executives’ activities was carried out and a list of requirements for such models was developed. In the process of study, a requirements traceability matrix for CRM-system implementation was built. This matrix represents the requirements and scenarios that are used in tracking the requirements of the CRM-system project implementation. Perspective approaches which help to to increase the efficiency of constructing mathematical models of service company executives on the basis of the principle of modularity and the methodology of simulation-analytical modeling are considered. This makes it possible to create real-time options for efficient system management in a given planning «corridor» with the maximum speed, given the constraints. In addition, it becomes possible to reduce risks of erroneous solutions through the use of known classical methods of screening out all sorts of random factors, including deliberate interference affecting modeling systems. 

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