MAGAZINE  №5 (100) October 2020


CATEGORY  Service providers’ corporate logistics Analytics and reviews Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and SCM Supply chain management



Due to the growth of the share of service in GDP, the need for use of optimization methods and models for enterprises in this field becomes evident. In addition, the economic crisis associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the enterprises of the tourism industry, which arouses the market players' interest market in possible measures to improve business efficiency; a number of these measures are proposed by logistics according to its system-integrative approach underlying its concept.
This article studies tourism supply chains. The aim of the research is to systematize the existing thematic areas of research in tourism logistics and to determine development trends. First, the key terminology for supply chain management in services and tourism (SSCM and TSCM) is defined. Further, using the bibliometric analysis all research developments in the field of tourism supply chains are structured, 7 areas of research are identified. Then, using the algorithmic historiography, the 4 most relevant areas of research in the field of TSC are identified, namely: modern analysis tools, systematization of existing approaches and concepts in TSCM, sustainable TSC and value creation in TS

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 Keywords:  service supply chain tourism supply chain TSCM literature review bibliometric analysis VOSviewer CitNetExplorer


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