MAGAZINE №5(88) October 2018



VOLKOVA E.М.- Cand. of Ec. Sc., Assistant professor, Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, National Research University Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg, Russia), Department of Transport Economics, Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University (St. Petersburg, Russia)

CATEGORY  Controlling Analysis in logistics and SCM Transportation in logistics



The search and design of links between the company’s performance indexes and results of logistics activity nowadays is a relevant tool for increasing competitiveness of Russian companies. Situations, when the influence of certain logistics costs groups on financial performance indexes is underestimated, occur considerably often. And in these cases it is meant huge amount of financial resources involved. Thus, the attempt of designing the analytical models for assessment the correlation between logistics and business performance indexes is a relevant issue, which requires further investigation and improvement.

In the article given the analysis of Russian and foreign literature sources, devoted to the topic studied; identified the main trends and given the possible way for further investigations. The article has analytical models for assessment the influence of different logistics costs groups on ROI (return on investment) index; numerical example is given.


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