MAGAZINE №6(89) December 2018



BARASHKOV A.V. - Postgraduate student, Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, National Research University Higher School of Economics (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

CATEGORY Controlling Information technologies in logistics and SCM Industrial companies’ corporate logistics


 This article discusses perspectives of the use of monitoring systems in the enterprises of the manufacturing sector of logistics. The case for the implementation of such systems on real production facilities was considered. The economic efficiency of using monitoring systems was analyzed. For this, three scenarios were created under which it is possible to make mistakes when performing the business process of determining the need for inventory items. The first of them described a situation in which the time of error detection was 1 day; the second scenario suggested an increase in the time of failure to 2 days; scenario 3 described the use of the real-time monitoring system and described situation in which failure in the supply chain caused by shortage of goods was determined instantly. After that, these scenarios were analyzed on the basis of existing contract for production of certain number of finished products. It is shown that the monitoring system can significantly reduce batch production time due to a significant reduction in the probability of making mistakes. Finally, it was shown how the implementation of monitoring and automation system for a number of tasks affects the efficiency of business processes.

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