MAGAZINE  №1 (102) - 2021



SAVENKOVA T.I. - Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management, National Research University «Higher School of Economics», Campus in St. Petersburg (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

CATEGORY Inventory management Optimization and mathematical modelling



Dynamic and stochastic programming methods are often used nowadays for optimization problems solutions. Technological progress, computer performance and programs improvement led to expansion of optimization problems and their appearing in new spheres.

A brief review of dynamic and stochastic programming methods for solution of optimization problems in logistics (there are both classic logistic problems and problems from other spheres, however, from spheres where processes are interlinked with logistic functions and operations, given) is provided in the article. There are main features of reviewed optimization problems (whether the stated problem is one-period or multi-period, whether it is one-index or multi-index, main constraints, optimization criteria and solution methods, uncertainties) given.

The article presents multi-period multi-index optimization problem devoted to the search of optimal strategy of computers purchase and selling via retailers. It is required to find optimal correlation between number of bought and sold computers of three types during four months under the changing demand, there is only demand forecast based on marketing research available. Mathematical statement of the problem and statement of this problem in MATLAB are offered as well as this problem solution in MATLAB.

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