MAGAZINE №2(85) April 2018


CATEGORY  Analytics and reviews Supply chain management Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and SCM


The article looks at the main tendencies of SCM ideology development worldwide. Basing on the analysis of the reports of the largest analytical and IT companies on the theme under consideration, the article reveals key factors and drivers determining the SCM concept development in the midterm. The best practice of the leading logistic and SCM companies is researched; Gartner Research, in particular, provides a list of Top 25 best international companies using SCM in 2017.

The article analyzes Gartner Research recommendations on implementing the best SCM solutions and technologies in business organizations. SCM challenges and barriers in Russian companies are identified. It is determined that world SCM leaders particularly focus on implementation of digital technologies, such as RFID, Mobile app, Big Data, Cloud Services, IoT, BlockChain, 3DPrinting and others. It is shown that besides SCM digitalization, the leaders pay attention to supply chain segmentation, business client focus, improvement of stability, dynamics and transparency of supply chains.          

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