MAGAZINE №6 (83) December 2017




VINOKUROVA V.O. - Assistant, Department of Supply Chain Management, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY Analytics and reviews E-commerce corporate logistics Return flows management (reverse logistics)


In the article the questions concerning reverse logistics in internet retail are discussed. The authors justify the actuality of this topic in scientific and practical environment. The justification is based on several parameters: the internet retail development, the returns level in this field, the customers’ attitude concerning the internet retail companies’ returns policies, the number of articles devoted to this topic and the reverse logistics impact on the logistics service. 

The criteria for the returns classification in internet retail logistics are defined and the classification with the detailed description of all components is suggested. The authors investigate and systematize the reasons for return flows. Also, the identification of supply chain links that are responsible for the return flows is made. The investigation is meant to be a kind of basis for the complex approach to returns management in companies operating in the internet retail field. 

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