MAGAZINE №6 (77) December 2016



SECHKEREV A.A. - Senior Lecturer, Operational performance management Chair, Russian Transport Academy opened, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) Emperor Nicholas II (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY  Logistic infrastructure Simulation modelling


The forecasting works on cargo traffic appearance at railway stations is in hand for a long time. The possibility of station processes simulation modelling usage is considered. The main structural objects which are necessary for model creation and their technical parameters are determined. The structure for working in the software program “Anylogic” is developed. The program is configured for different situations forecasting with the possibility to choose the best result. For this purpose the input parameters are inserted into the system. They are train set approach, arrival time, schedule, wotk technology and operations sequence, loading and discharging plan, etc. The analysis of received results with subsequent decision making concerning the further process modelling for necessary results generation is carried out.

The model uses the station technological development effectively, defines the componentwise system load, determines bottlenecks. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to realize concerned processes speed regulation and operation period. It serves as the the element of the scenario forecasting system for the whole region operation. The model optimizes data collection process, regulate required resources (the amount of used railways, the nubner of required fleet of cars, etc.|) and calculates the railway station performance indicators. “Anylogic” software usage allows forecasting of work schedule for the nearest day (and more) with the opportunity to correct and influence the situation rapidly until the required result is achieved


Published in Simulation modelling


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