MAGAZINE №4 (81) August 2017


CATEGORY  Analytics and reviews Logistic integration and coordination Supply chain management


In the article the logistics management and SCM organizational structures research findings that were conducted by the NRU HSE International Centre of Training in Logistics in 2014-2016 are considered. The sample of companies operating on Russian market accounted about 400 organizations. The form for the respondents of online survey was created. Each participant estimated the logistics management organizational structure (logistic and/or SCM department) individually. The assessment was conducted from the perspective of the
correspondence between the organizational structure and corporate and logistics strategies, key business processes, organizational structure management efficiency, functional employees allocation and so on in the different aspects of supply chains and logistics controlling.
The report divided into 6 sections was developed using the results of completed forms, survey in the Internet and interviews with the companies’ leading managers. Sections contain: main information about the company, the organizational structure type of logistics (supply chain) management, the organizational structure place and role in the company’s controlling system and so on.
The examples of typical logistics management structures of line and staff, matrix and project oriented structures are shown. Taking into consideration the importance of the SCM best practices and innovative technologies usage, the questions are highlighted in detail and a great variety of examples in SCM departments organizational planning are given.  

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