MAGAZINE №2 (79) April 2017


CATEGORY  Sourcing


The supplier estimation and selection process is far from the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) concept usage in many Russian companies. The majority of companies generally focus on the price, paying no attention to other significant for finances factors. In this article the correlation between the company’s procurement function maturity and the applied supplier estimation and selection methodology is provided. The widespread mistakes of typical methodologies usage are discussed. The recommendations for taking into account the maximum number of significant factors are given. Also, the ways for changing estimation models from one to another, more advanced, are mentioned. The conclusions about the different methods usage practicability on different companies’ evolution stages and the necessity of reconsidering and changing these methods with the companies’ increase and development in order to correspond with the global tendencies are made. 

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MAGAZINE №5 (64) October 2014


CATEGORY Simulation Corporate logistics industrial companies


This article demonstrates how to use the method of simulation modeling in AnyLogic in order to optimize the logistics network of industrial company operating in the industrial gas market. The model detailed basic processes associated with the transport of the product, the service requests of customers and distribution of the product to consumers. Factors were taken into account, bearing the stochastic nature, such as unevenness of production, weather conditions that affect the level of demand, the number of failures of vehicles, vehicle repair time. On the developed model, a number of scenario studies, which identified the optimal values of the control parameters of a logistics network: the number of rolling stock, additional storage capacity, minimizing the loss of the deficit and the lack of free rolling, leading ultimately to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) .


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