MAGAZINE №6 (83) December 2017


CATEGORY  Controlling Analysis in logistics and SCM


There is no unambiguous answer to what is the driver for modern logistics. According to practicing logisticians, optimal solutions can be found only during the process of physical distribution. From the point of view of academic science, all optimization issues in logistics are determined at the stage of theoretical background and project design.  Obviously, a more complex approach to solve the problem of increasing competitiveness by means of efficient supply chain management can be found only as a result of synergy between both theoretical research and practical experience. This statement is mostly applicable to a situation when the market is full of goods, and the need for optimizing procedures is recognized not only on the level of logistics, but on the level of all current operations in the national and world economy as well.

The peculiarity of the modern stage of logistics development is in rapid IT implementation of all distribution processes, from the point of origin to the final consumer. This is due to increased manufacturing scale and world trading volume (which has exceeded 8% this year, according to WTO). Hereby it’s crucial to realize that behind each sophisticated software there is a whole complex of analytical models and methods. That is why to be competitive, enterprises should pay special attention to developing analytical approaches to face logistics business challenges. 

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