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CATEGORY  Corporate logistics industrial companies Planning the supply chain Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and supply chain management 


This article is devoted to the consideration of the integrated planning process organization in supply chains. This process is one of the main ones in the supply chain, because it helps to achieve the production quality, decrease total operational costs and volume of the storage materials, and also increase level of the company productivity. Currently, most of the companies which are interested in improving their efficiency through the supply chains integrated planning, faced a lot of problems related with the theory and methodology insufficient development of this direction in the supply chain. This problem mainly concerns companies in the extractive industries due to the fact that all scientific and practical research focused on studies of integrated planning in supply chain at the enterprises of commercial and industrial industries, such as FMCG sector, automotive, textile and light industry, etc. In this regard, in this article there will be described the relevance and necessity of integrated planning in supply chains of mining companies, and also a comprehensive approach which focused on the organization of integrated planning in supply chains of gold mining companies will be considered.


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MAGAZINE №6 (71) December 2015


CATEGORY   Inventory management Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and supply chain management  Sourcing  


According to the experts, efficiency of VMI realization in the conditions of Russian reality is very far from an ideal. Absence of personnel, necessity of introducing specialized software products, emergence of specific legal, tax, information and accounting risks are among reasons for such situation.

In our view, the main reason is in lack of sufficient scientific justification of the VMI concept. So, the deepening of its functionality is necessary.

In this article the option of the VMI model functionality deepening for level «the producer operates stocks of the distributor» is introduced. It concerns the implementation of the dynamic schedule providing a supply of vehicles to distributors on the coordinated zone.

The concept of management directed on formation of flexible consumers quickly reacting to individual requirements and the distributive processes is developed for the «distributor operates stocks of retail network» level, in order to decrease in logistic expenses within dynamic demand.

Statement of notably interesting problem in the conditions of VMI usage is carried out.  It concerns choosing the optimum solution of material flow distribution in a dynamic logistic system «the distributor - retail network».

Several important methodological terms of calculation procedure of minimal required inventory level in VMI are considered.

Materials management in the course of finished goods distribution to consumers with the help of the offered model of VMI technology, the stock reduction in supply chains to reasonable level will help to increase the efficiency of using VMI concept at whole and expand the possibilities of its widespread VMI utilization in Russia.


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MAGAZINE  №2 (55) April 2013

AUTHOR  Sukonkina E.

CATEGORY  Corporate logistics industrial companies Sourcing Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and supply chain management Inventory management Logistics integration and coordination 


In order to have competitive advantage over rivals companies pay more close attention to supply chain collaboration with the focus on integrated planning and inventory management. However implementation of such technologies is investment intensive, requires sensitive information sharing, ends in high level of interdependency. In this article on the example of VMI technology author looks into the problem how and basing on which criteria one company can make its choice among all the partners, whom to involve in such initiatives.



MAGAZINE №2 (61) April 2014


CATEGORY  Corporate logistics industrial companies Sourcing Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and supply chain management Inventory management Logistics integration and coordination 


The main focus of the article is comprehensive analysis of confectionary market in Russia, as well as investigation of logistics and SCM specifics, existing problems and requirements to the companies. As the result of the analysis the author states that in conditions of probable economic crisis and hard competition, business should concentrate on the strategic partnerships development and balanced inventory management. Thus, VMI could help to avoid short-term ineffective interactions and increase financial output.


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