Magazine №3 (56) June 2013

AUTHORS  Levina T.V.Yagudina D.E.

CATEGORY  SourcingCorporate logistics retailers


In article the competitive benchmarking among the largest Russian network retail companies concerning supply strategy is carried out, the main forms of supply are analysed and the technique of a choice of a form of supply on the basis of Kralich's modified matrix and use of technology of the AVS-XYZ-analiz  is offered.

Keywords:  form of supply  Logistics supply matrix Kraljic ABC analysis XYZ analysis supply strategy centralized control decentralized control

MAGAZINE  №1 (60) February 2014


CATEGORY  Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling Uncertainty and risk in the supply chain Inventory management  


 In paper the algorithm of perfection classical XYZ-analysis of stocks in logistics is considered. Feature of algorithm is ranging the goods is ranging the goods on accuracy of the forecast. Other feature of algorithm is application of an entropy for definition of uncertainty of demand. It is given an example XYZ - the analysis.


MAGAZINE №3 (62) June 2014


CATEGORY  Analytics in logistics and SCM  Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling 


In logistics, marketing and other areas of the economy people use an approach based on ABC-XYZ analysis. The disadvantages of this approach include its limited functionality. The article deals with ways of overcoming this shortcoming. As an example, we consider ABC-XYZ analysis of commercial products. For solving this problem, we use theory of sets: all products are represented as a set, which then splits into subsets A, B, C, X, Y, Z and others. It is further proposed to combine the operations of the theory of sets with the usual methods used in ABC-XYZ analysis. This allows you to visualize the problem and propose a solution in the form of the relational data model (relational table). In this table fields (columns) there are, on the one hand, the categories of ABC-XYZ analysis and, on the other hand, the usual parameters of the chosen product: price, manufacturer, etc. The article describes the features of working with a table of this kind. As a result, it is possible to radically extend the functionality of the ABC-XYZ analysis, using popular software products. As an example, in the simplest case – MS Excel, in more complex cases – MS Access or Oracle.



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