MAGAZINE  №4 (93) August 2019


CATEGORY Analytics and reviews Modern concepts and technologies in logistics and SCM Transportation in logistics


Unmanned technology is one of the innovative directions in logistics gradually entering our life. Many companies in Russia and abroad are developing in this direction. How close are they to realization and industrial implementation? What types of unmanned vehicles exist at the moment? This article presents the classification of unmanned technology, as well as a review of the market for existing unmanned solutions, their features and manufacturers. Unmanned vehicles, drones, unmanned water and rail vehicles, as well as robots for cargo handling in a warehouse were considered. Using the press releases from leading manufacturers and customers of unmanned vehicles, an analysis of Russian and foreign experience in the use of unmanned technology in logistics was conducted, the results of which revealed the main areas of their application. The problems that impede the mass implementation of unmanned technologies in logistic processes associated with both imperfections of unmanned technologies and other external factors were also identified. The advantages of unmanned solutions in comparison to traditional vehicles were determined. Prospective areas of application of unmanned technology, promising to increase the efficiency of logistics processes and the level of logistics services were considered 

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