MAGAZINE  №1 (90) February 2019


CATEGORY  Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling


For the task of managing contracts in the supply chain in terms of choosing the optimal contract model, the article for the first time presents the optimization procedures at many criteria. The paper shows that such a format of the model allows to consider pure risks that can be formalized as private individual criteria. In this case, they can be taken into account in a special format for presenting estimates of particular criteria. As such a format, the article discusses a method of presenting them corresponding to a generalized selection criteria. For this approach, the article presents optimization procedures for choosing the type of contract based on traditional selection methods. The article illustrates that this approach may lead to different solutions for the alternatives that expands the tools for adapting optimization procedures to the preferences of the decision maker. For the first time the paper proves that according to the format of the selection criterion for the geometric mean (and the same for the multiplication criterion), the transition to the format of generalized data does not change the best choice and ranking of alternatives. The appropriate modeling results are presented within the framework of the pure risk concept.

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