MAGAZINE  №4 (93) August 2019


CATEGORY  Optimization and mathematical modelling


The offered paper continues the research on optimization models of production and finance management in a manufacturing company. Problem setting as well as application of the models with dynamic management of fixed and working capitals are shown on the numerical example of the OAO Rot Front chocolate factory (a publicly held company under the laws of the Russian Federation).

The study is limited to the production plan calculation for only one product family (halvah) with quite a short line. The volume of sales of the product group under consideration in units is significant.

All necessary inputs are defined with using the information provided by the chocolate factory as well as the data of the open sources on the Internet in case of some information lack. The seasonality in the consumption of the chocolate products is denominated in the scheme of work in the factory. All task calculations are executed via Excel Solution Suite in the Microsoft Office Component Solutions.

Except for optimal production programme selection with limited amount of fixed and current capitals, optimal solutions found in dynamic models for OAO Rot Front chocolate factory are evaluated for their stability (robustness) to inflation impact. The change of sale prices for finished goods and purchasing prices for raw materials are taken into account. Moreover, the level of inflation able to cause the reduction of optimal production volume is specified.

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