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CATEGORY Logistics distribution


The growing interest in increasing supply chain efficiency claims the higher requirements to designing of supply chains. Searching and choosing options of different supply chains is supposed to be of a current interest in our country. By achieving this goal Russian enterprises could benefit significantly. To solve the problem of supply chain efficiency we consider the complex attitude to designing supply chains for new products, which are delivered to the market through the existing logistics channels, i.e. infrastructure and configuration.

The main idea is to propose a complex logistics network between supply chain designing from the very beginning and reengineering. In other words, the core idea is to develop different ways of decision making in order to promote new product to the market.

In the article ‘new product’ is determined as a product with significant differences from previous product lines by its’ customers’ features, demand, weight, forms, retail volumes and product life cycle. Apparently, changing weight and forms of the product could lead to the change of packaging. As a result, amount of units per one delivery will change too. In addition to this, we should think whether to change the existing logistics supply chain configuration or leave it untouched. Integral criteria could be used as an evaluation tool.

Developed methodology is supposed to be used in design of logistics networks in general. At the same moment, developed methodology could be applied to systems of smaller scale and certain logistics functions, such as storage, transportation, warehouse management, etc.

Article contains critical literature overview, methodological proposals and algorithm, example of calculations.

In the article is considered the topic of designing supply chains for a new product with the existing logistics configuration and infrastructure. The article deals with development of the new approach to supply chain management between designing supply chains and reengineering.



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