MAGAZINE №1 (78) February 2017


CATEGORY  Analysis in logistics and SCM Controlling Inventory management Logistics service management Retail companies’ corporate logistics


Nowadays the development of retail chain stores format takes place. Some companies go own way, while others use benchmarking but all of them are interested in profitability maximization on condition that the overstock and out-of-stock levels are optimal. In the article the SCM project results are discussed. It is shown that it helped to reduce stock level by several times in a big federal retail company. After the successful solution of the problem there was detected the aberrant behavior of one of the «Perfect Order» indicator elements. It is the «Quality of the order implementation». This has brought to the extemporaneous short-run losses. In the article the alternative to this indicator is proposed and the realization is demonstrated.


MAGAZINE №4 (57) August 2013

AUTHOR  Lukinskiy V.S., Lukinskiy V.V.Shulzhenko T. G.

CATEGORY Reviews and Analytics Supply Chain Management Logistics integration and coordination


The paper presents an approach to the formation of strategic decisions in the supply chain associated with the distribution of limited resources, the choice of the circuit configuration, definition functional and organizational structure of the supply chain, based on the analysis of the interrelation and mutual influence of logistics functions using the criterion of General logistical costs. 



Published in Analytics and reviews

MAGAZINE  №3 (56) June 2013

AUTHOR  Mochalin S.M., Milyaeva V.A. 

CATEGORY Global logistics projects Logistics infrastructure Transportation 



The authors provide the mechanism of interaction of major transport hubs within the cluster creation process от the example of Omsk region and Astana. In present conditions cooperation in solving problems of cargo traffic servicing may result in improving the competitiveness of Russian and Kazakhstan transport systems and more effective implementation of  transit potential of both countries.



MAGAZINE  №1 (54) February 2013

AUTHOR  Filatova T.A.

CATEGORY  Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling Sourcing Uncertainty and risk in the supply chain Logistics services Management Planning the supply chain 


 In article economic aspects of quality of work supply chains, optimizing and qualimetrical approach to an assessment of quality of work supply chains production are considered and versions of the plan of deliveries with use the various directions of modeling are calculated.



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