MAGAZINE  №4 (93) August 2019


CATEGORY Logistic integration and coordination Human resource management and motivation


Logistics occupies an important role in the organizational structure of modern business management. With the transition to the concept of supply chain management (SCM), its responsibilities also include coordinating functions. On the other hand, SCM is a critical area for multinational corporations with enough market power. This article aims to bring together scientific knowledge in the field of organizational design of multinational corporations (MNC) and the construction of organizational structures for logistics management.

A key feature of designing the organizational structure of logistics management in MNCs is the increased importance of national culture. This is confirmed by the articles on the role of the human factor in the SCM. Besides, other articles show the influence of the national culture criteria on the practices of crossfunctional coordination. In this regard, it is important not only to understand the peculiarities of national cultures, but also to be able to use them when implementing SCM practices, in other words, to be culturally intelligent. The article demonstrated the possibility of considering these characteristics both in theoretical terms and in practice, using an illustrative example of a large MNC. In addition, the specificity of the divisional organizational management structure development was demonstrated, where, on the one hand, both regional and product specificities are considered, on the other, the principle of dual subordination is absent. The developed methodology seems to be effective as it expands the knowledge of the manager responsible for building a rational organizational structure for managing logistics.

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