MAGAZINE  №4 (99) August 2020


CATEGORY Information technologies in logistics and SCM Retail companies’ corporate logistics



The article discusses current issues of information system support for the movement of goods subject to mandatory labeling in the supply chains of network retail operators. Special attention is paid to the presentation and support of logistic business processes of working with aggregation of commodity forms in information systems. Attention is drawn to the new requirements for information systems, and the increased complexity in managing the supply chain of the logistics network due to the need of working with labeled goods. Solutions to a number of problems in supply chains, as well as to the interaction between information systems and cloud services to support working with labeled goods, are proposed. The aim of the work is to develop solutions for information systems of business processes support for working with labeled goods in supply chains in network retail companies. According to the author, in the current conditions and in the nearest future, the network trading company successful business becomes impossible without solving the considered problems.


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 Keywords:  supply chain retail chains retail labeled goods information systems cloud services


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