MAGAZINE №2(85) April 2018


Ryzhenkov A.V.

Khludnev А.А.

Sotov V.V. - Head of Corporate Programs and Rating Department, Department of Logistics and Planning, JSC Freight One (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY Controlling Logistic service providers


This article determines the system of rating branches for a logistics company based on key performance indicators.

The purpose of rating is to increase the efficiency of branches for a logistics company.

The rating is used as a comparative performance evaluation of the effectiveness of branch units. The ranking is considered through a point system and based on the level of key performance indicators.

The rating is aimed to solve the following problems:

-        to develop measures to meet the targets;

-        to use the best practices of some branches;

-        to improve the execution of key performance indicators alongside with planning system improvement;

-        to develop technologies aimed at reducing costs by making optimal decisions;

-        to improve the quality of service;

-        to motivate and create a competitive environment between branches.

The rating determines both quantitative and qualitative comparative evaluation in order to implement key performance indicator system. Qualitative assessment takes into account priority indicators and the efforts of the branches in their implementation.

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MAGAZINE №5 (82) October 2017



ZHURAVLEVA N.A. - Doctor of Ec.Sc., Professor, Director, Institute of Applied Economics and Accounting of Railway Transport, Emperor Alexander I ST. Petersburg State Transport University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

KLIMENKO Y.V. - Business Development Manager, «United Arabian Shipping Agency Company (Rus)» LLC (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

CATEGORY  Analysis in logistics and SCM Logistic service providers


The article is devoted to the research of the information aspect of choosing the of organizational development strategy of logistics companies that involved in maritime container transportation. The rational choice of strategic reference points for companies operating in the container shipping market under the conditions of limited demand for transport services with increasing competition is connected with a problem of obtaining valuable information. Ensuring the value of information by indicating the type of its user and by specifying of values that are taken by such a user into account is considered as a basic condition for a rational choice of organizational development strategy.

The typical factors, the nature and the strength of influence of which provides an informational basis for choosing (adjusting) the organizational development strategy of a company are determined. Article proposes the signs of differentiation of the list of factors representing valuable information that is used by the interested parties (users) when developing and making decision on the choice of a logistics organization development strategy.

The example of the practical adjusting of the logistics company strategy is presented. It proves the necessity of information support of decision-making. Stages of the organizational strategy development adjusting for some organizations in the container shipping market are described depending on the structure, character and strength of influence factors. The article suggests methods of processing the information, which is necessary for making decisions of choosing the organizational development strategy of logistics companies.

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