MAGAZINE  №5 (97) April 2020


CATEGORY  Service providers’ corporate logistics Logistic infrastructure Sourcing Inventory management



 The article presents and analyzes methodological and practical problems of forming and managing production stocks of railway transport. The relevance of scientific research requires finding points of "bifurcation" on the railway polygon in order to timely control, analyze and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the planned logistics business process of logistics for railway transport enterprises according to the optimal scheme of inventory management. The paper deals with a range of specific issues of the system of rationing the material and technical resources consumption in JSC "Russian Railways"; the information base for the development and adjustment of consumption rates; issues of improving inventory management of material resources. A functional model of the process of managing the cost of losses in the logistics system associated with the absence and excess of inventory of MTR at the bases and warehouses of JSC "Russian Railways", as well as a logistics concept for managing production stocks at railway transport enterprises. The core of the problem in this issue is corporate governance in JSC "Russian Railways", internal control in the MTO system of railway transport by the presence or absence of material and technical resources in the reserves, aimed at effective management of business units.

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 Keywords: procurement railway transport logistics of railway transport stocks production stocks


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