MAGAZINE №2 (79) April 2017


CATEGORY  Analytics and reviews Industrial companies’ corporate logistics


Chemical Industry is a global key industry. Requirements for logistics in this sector are very heterogeneous, as products differ from hazardous bulk goods to individually packed consumer product, production processes from continuous to batch production. Nevertheless its logistics structures and challenges have come into a scientific and management focus only a few years ago. Five different perspectives on chemical logistics help to analyze structures and processes and to identify potentials for improvement. Chemical logistics are still widely determined by static production processes, but smart supply chain management and logistics strategies can provide a much-needed counterweight to the tremendous complexity, risk, volatility and disruption that characterizes today’s chemical industry. In the increasingly commoditizing global markets for chemical products modern, tailor-made logistics services are more and more detected by chemical companies as a crucial lever for success. Implementing modern logistics and supply chain concepts base on cooperation between between supplier, manufacturer, customer and logistics service provider  

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