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Mandatory Marking Features of Footwear

MAGAZINE  №2 (97) April 2020


CATEGORY  Analysis in logistics and SCM Retail companies’ corporate logistics Logistic infrastructure



 This article focuses on the mandatory marking issues of footwear. The author describes the advantages of marking goods, including ensuring traceability in the supply chain. The legal framework for marking footwear and the stages of its implementation are considered.
The author paid special attention to the marking process of commodity stocks. The author analyzes and classifies the options for marking commodity stocks highlighting their advantages and disadvantages. The need for the operations to stop, the feasibility of separating commodity stocks into marked and unmarked, etc. are the factors to be considered for marking goods. The proposed classification will allow a more flexible approach to the process of marking commodity stocks in the warehouse. Also, the article considers the impact of marking goods at other stages of product processing in the warehouse; highlights and analyses cost items caused by the introduction of goods marking.

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 Keywords:  traceability  footwear marking  marking  marking commodity stocks


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