MAGAZINE  №2 (91) April 2019


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In the context of globalization of the world economy, multinational corporations are attracting more and more attention, since their activities create a significant part of the global trade. However, the specifics of supply chain management (SCM) in such companies receive insufficient attention, and the rules and recommendations are largely based on the classical principles of the SCM theory. However, there is a specificity of working in a cross-cultural environment when counterparties you work with represent different countries. This article is devoted to an overview of the development of SCM in various regions of the world and methods of reengineering of multinational corporations’ business processes due to the regional differences. The article firstly provides a literature review on the regional specifics of the development of logistics and SCM; secondly, shows an example of the supply chain negotiation process differences, depending on the nationality of the counterparty; thirdly, describes a tool for taking regional factors into account when engineering key business processes in the supply chain. The article demonstrates the structure of the «Guidelines for Supply Chain Management in a Cross-Cultural Environment» – a decision support tool for a SCM manager of international level.

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