MAGAZINE №1 (78) February 2017


CATEGORY  Optimization and mathematical modelling The uncertainty and risks in supply chains




Increasing investment management effectiveness is particularly relevant today for domestic enterprises. The task is to provide import phase-out a number of positions previously imported from the United States and Europe of products. The paper presents various options for setting the problem of optimizing the investments effectiveness in the context of limited material and financial resources, as well as raw material price uncertainty, finished products and the volume of demand. The paper presents the static and dynamic formulation of the problem. Static models belong to the class of linear and nonlinear programming. The dynamic model is the optimal control problem for which, due to the complexity of the decision procedures, proposed a method of obtaining an approximate solution based on the approximation of the integrand. The work is an example of the one of the models implementation for practical solutions to the problem of creating a one-period production plant. The possibilities of obtaining the quantities of each output type and prices that maximize the company profit for a given budget, the amount of own funds required, a decision on the expediency of attracting credit.



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