MAGAZINE №3 (74) June 2016


CATEGORY Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling  Logistics services Management 


The paper is devoted to a new formal approach to logistics service development optimization in the wholesale business. Logistics service development is required to choose strategic direction of customer service in logistics, to identify key performance indicators of its implementation, and ultimately to make a choice of logistics services package. To solve these problems taking into account the preferences of decision-maker, it is suggested to use the analytic hierarchy process (AHP).

It is a first time that AHP has been employed several times within an optimization model: the approach worked-out consists of two stages. The first stage determines an optimal set of key performance indicators to control the strategic direction of logistics under consideration. The second stage identifies an optimal logistics services package taking into account its impact on the key indicators selected at the first stage.

The approach application is exemplified by a wholesaler that supplies foreign components to domestic manufacturers. Numerical solutions of AHP are shown in the article. The data for calculations are taken from statistical reports of the company at hand 



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