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Mining companies are a special type of production enterprises, being somewhat "starting points" of material flows that pass through supply chains, gradually transforming into production and technical products and consumer goods for end customers. In this connection, the purchased resources refer exclusively to an auxiliary group of materials that are used to support mining processes and administrative and economic activities.

Therefore, the use of the integrated technology Lean Six Sigma (Lean Production + Six Sigma), while providing operational resources and services, should include solutions aimed at reducing activities that do not add value to the raw materials sold, increase the speed of processes, simultaneously increasing the level of logistics services.

The article shows that it is possible to solve these tasks through centralization of material flows, receiving wholesale discounts on consolidated orders, without increasing the period for providing the demand. In addition, based on the principles of queuing theory, assigning relative priorities to different procurement applications, it is possible to shorten the time to meet the needs of domestic consumers.

The calculations results provided in the article show that with a decrease in the time spent in the queue for the most important applications, the quality of the material and technical supply service improves. Also, when processing orders grouped according to the nomenclature of consumed resources, it is possible to lower the complexity of processing by reducing the variety of supplies and the number of offers from potential suppliers that need to be analyzed simultaneously.

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MAGAZINE  №1 (60) February 2014


CATEGORY Optimization and economic-mathematical modeling Reliability and stability of the supply chain Uncertainty and risk in the supply chain 


The paper presents an approach to modeling the process of the logistics system as a Queuing system with breaks, considered various options for determining the parameters of the operation of the logistics systems taking into account transients on a regular basis (breaks). 




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