MAGAZINE №4 (69) August 2015


CATEGORY Controlling Corporate logistics industrial companies Supply Chain Management 


Practical aspects of reorganization of management system of a company based on SCOR model is provided in the article. Experience of Russian metallurgical company – pipe producer is used an example. The development program of the company is analyzed. It is highlighted that there is a need for organization of effective management system which is in accordance with contemporary conditions.

The key stages of improvement with description of achieved results are analyzed including: development of strategic card of goals based on balanced scorecards principles; modelling of key business processes and their optimization according to strategic goals including definition of efficiency merits and comparison analysis with world leaders; reforming of organizational structure including personnel trainings, motivation system preparation based on KPIs; information system implementation. 

As part of the development of the target process model consolidating business processes necessary to ensure compliance with the basic operations are defined. It is highlighted that each process has a definition based on the elements of the upgraded model of Zachman Enterprise Architecture Building. 

It was noted that the introduction at pipe producer modern software modules of planning and scheduling (Advanced Planning and Scheduling - APS) allowed moving to the construction of multi-level supply chain management processes, providing a unique competitive advantage of the company.

In conclusion, there are the results achieved in the whole pipe company, recommendations for the implementation of improvements. 


MAGAZINE №4 (63) August 2014


CATEGORY Logistics distribution Corporate logistics retailers


This article analyzes the development of retail chain market in Russia in the context of building an efficient logistics infrastructure in the distribution. Key market trends specific to the current stage of retail trade development and the main factors influencing the change in the retail market in Russia (the growth of competition, increase of the share of the largest network operators, active entry of world's online retailers into the Russian market and others) are analyzed. There are the following main trends of the market marked in the article: open of new stores, extension of market coverage and expansion of logistics infrastructure, in particular, development of distribution centers and other storage facilities.

It is recommended for retail operators how to design and re-engineer its own distribution network in the article. It is shown the way of interaction between departments of trading company, especially with logistics one, regarding decision of strategic tasks of effective distribution network design. Approaches how to evaluate the effectiveness of logistics distribution network reorganization are assessed.

It is proposed an algorithm of distribution network design (reengineering) which comprises three main stages: analysis and evaluation of the existing logistics distribution network; identification of key areas of logistics distribution network reorganization; the reorganization (or design) of the optimal logistics distribution network. 


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