MAGAZINE  №5 (100) October 2020


CATEGORY Analytics and reviews Supply chain management Supply chains reliability and sustainability The uncertainty and risks in supply chains



 In a highly competitive environment, building resilient supply chains plays an extremely important role in ensuring the regular flow of material. The main problem in this issue is the lack of a common understanding of the concept of supply chain resilience and the main characteristics of a sustainable chain. This article analyzes the main components of the concept of supply chain sustainability, presents the classification of possible risks leading to failures, and the model of a viable supply chain. Scientific approaches to definition, evaluation and improvement of resilience from the point of view of domestic and foreign research works are also considered.

Based on the results of this work, it was concluded that in many works of modern domestic and foreign researchers, resilient supply chains are endowed with many similar features and that there is a sufficiently large potential for further research in the field of assessing the resilience of chains. Key areas for improving resilience were also highlighted.

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 Keywords:  supply chain resilience reliability logistics risk assessment resilience improvement

MAGAZINE №3 (68) June  2015


CATEGORY Reliability and stability of the supply chain Uncertainty and risk in the supply chain Terminology in Logistics and SCM


The article discusses the theoretical and terminological aspects of the resilience of supply chains. The basic stages of formation of sustainable supply chain management and supply chain resilience, their relationship with each other. The authors identify and analyze the main elements of the resilience of supply chains. The analysis shows the absence of a common terminology and approaches to supply chain resilience. As a basis to ensure the resilience of supply chains are invited to consider Tripple-A-approach, which includes elements such as agility, adaptability and alignment. The authors proposed a decomposition of each of these three elements, highlighted directions of achieving them.











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