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One of the greatest challenges for middle and top management is to know where and when to invest in new technologies. This problem is even more complicated for supply chain managers as their decision will directly affect the way the company’s products are moved down the chain to the final customer.

The following article has been prepared to provide supply chain managers in the fields of retail, automotive, electronics, consumer goods and food supply, among others, with

an overview of the trends expected to have the greatest impact on the logistics industry between now and 2025. The article is based upon an extensive meta-analysis of over 70 studies on technology trends and a broad survey of experienced supply chain management professionals. In addition to a broad ranking of trend importance it will look in depth at the four key trends of logistics development: Omni-Channel Logistics, Segmentation, Big Data Management and the Internet of Things.

According to our findings, these four trends are likely to have a greater influence on resource allocation decisions than other trends also predicted to affect the industry, such as drones, blockchain and radio frequency identification. Coupled with the growth of these trends is an expected increase in demand for qualified IT staff who can provide technological infrastructure to drive competitiveness in these four core areas.

The issue of resource allocation will continue to play an essential role as the industry moves forward in the age of e-commerce, cloud-based systems and real-time tracking.

Our goal in this paper is to therefore provide managers with a concise overview of logistics trends expected in the near future as a means to assist in decision-making processes.

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