MAGAZINE  №2 (97) April 2020


CATEGORY  Analysis in logistics and SCM Retail companies’ corporate logistics Distribution logistics Analytics and reviews



 Based on the analysis of statistical data, specialized industry sources as well as the opinions of experts in retail business, the article suggests the stages of Russian retail development over the past decade. Defining crisis and decisive points made it possible to bring into the light the boundaries of each stage. Characterizing the features and events of the period under consideration allowed to identify not only its key trends, but also the commonality of the activity directions of industry representatives. Understanding the conditions and trends in the country's retail industry allows us to determine the main measures for logistics and supply chain management transformation implemented by retail companies in Russia. Hence, the strategies used can be determined and defined, and the directions of further retailing development predicted.

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 Keywords:  retail  retail development  development strategies  trends  trends in retail  logistics in retail  multichannels  insourcing  retail format

Published in Distribution logistics

MAGAZINE №5 (58) October 2013

AUTHOR Sverchkov P.A.

CATEGORY Corporate logistics retailers  Reviews and Analytics


In 2012, gross retail sales volumes finally reached and exceeded the pre-crisis period of 2008. The industry is fully recovered from the recession, and majors set new milestones for business growth. Therefore the important task for logisticians in retail companies is to analyze main stages and projections for industry development, strengths and weaknesses of chosen market strategies, its impact to decision making process within distribution network designing. The article presents the periodization of the development of retail trade in Russia, market performance and description of market leaders in the industry at the current stage, key market trends and major strategic concerns. All these aspects are considered by the author in linkage with logistics management, structure and configuration of distribution network for retail companies.




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