MAGAZINE №3 (80) June 2017



KULAGIN P.A. - Postgraduate student, Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY  Optimization and mathematical modelling  Transportation in logistics


The article considers the task associated with the analysis and the evaluation of metal trading company business processes. Particularly, these business processes are connected with the shipments from the supplier's warehouse and the optimization of the transport customer service in the most efficient way as the related services for the main activities. The implementation of enterprise services for the provision of transport services and increasing their share in the total volume of shipments of finished products to customers is suggested. In the article the model of transport service organization efficiency estimation in the metal trading company subject taking into account the restrictions on the existing capacity, traffic and intensity of service is suggested. Also, the model takes into account the dynamics of the finished product flow from the production to the trader warehouse inside the considered transportation network to further its implementation, shipment and export. The problem which is stated in the article is solved by means of economic-mathematical modeling. 

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MAGAZINE  №6 (59) December 2013

 AUTHOR  Klimenko V. V.


CATEGORY Global logistics projects Logistics infrastructure 


The article presents an overview of the most important existing and future sources of financing tools and transport and logistics infrastructure of the EU countries, in particular for the project of Trans-European Transport Network. In addition, it includes a discussion of these analytical tools on a background of changes in the basic policy framework. Overview for the most important applied and potential financial instruments and sources of financing of transport infrastructure in the EU.


MAGAZINE  №3 (56) June 2013

AUTHOR  Mochalin S.M., Milyaeva V.A. 

CATEGORY Global logistics projects Logistics infrastructure Transportation 



The authors provide the mechanism of interaction of major transport hubs within the cluster creation process от the example of Omsk region and Astana. In present conditions cooperation in solving problems of cargo traffic servicing may result in improving the competitiveness of Russian and Kazakhstan transport systems and more effective implementation of  transit potential of both countries.




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