MAGAZINE №5 (70) October 2015


CATEGORY  Global logistics projects Logistics infrastructure 


The article describes the model of financing of transport and logistics infrastructure in the transport connection points. The author signifies the following possible tools of finance: direct government funding, government funding of special-purpose projects, government funding via the purchase of shares and loans of private companies implementing infrastructure projects, various financial models of public-private partnership (PPP).

The work investigates the advantages and disadvantages of the financing models. Particular attention is paid to the most widely used format of public-private partnership model. The paper provides examples of financing logistics projects in St. Petersburg.


MAGAZINE  №6 (59) December 2013

AUTHOR Bagimov A. V - Deputy General Director of JSC "Mechel-Trans"

CATEGORY  Terminology in Logistics and SCM Transportation 


The article hypothesized classification of logistics based on topological networks. Asked to identify the material (transport, freight) and intangible flows (virtual) flows generated by the regulatory information that ensures the availability of legal links between the market of transport services. 



MAGAZINE №4 (57) August 2013

AUTHOR  Klimenko V. V.

CATEGORY  Logistics infrastructure Terminology in Logistics and SCM 


 The concept typology in relation to objects of the transport and logistic infrastructure (TLI) is specified. The scheme of system interaction of objects of logistic infrastructure of transport hub is offered. Problems of introduction of logistic technologies of transportations are considered: the multi - and inter-modal in transport hub and a role of the TLI in their realization. Examples of development of objects of the TLI in the Moscow transport hub and port zones are given.



MAGAZINE  №1 (60) February 2014


CATEGORY  Logistics infrastructure Simulation 



The prospects for building an efficient logistics infrastructure at the transport hub (TH). It is shown that this subject is one of the priorities of the implementation of the "Transport Strategy of Russia for the period up to 2030 ." proposed methodology and organizational and methodological approaches to the modeling of competitive options TH logistics infrastructure . It is proved that under conditions of high uncertainty of the environment, determine the behavior of the logistic system specifications, the best approach is to use the tools of system dynamics modeling and simulation. 



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