MAGAZINE  №5 (100) October 2020


CATEGORY  Analytics and reviews



 Transport mobility in the Russian Federation is one of the key development directions provided by the Transport Strategy until 2030. The reason is that a high level of transport mobility affects the overall socio-economic development of the country. At the same time, the transport mobility development in Russia is regionally uneven. In this regard, it is necessary to propose an approach that will enable to systematically solve transport mobility developing challenges that the country's transport infrastructure faces.
The article describes the main factors that influenced the development of the population transport mobility indicators in 2019, the main problems and challenges the country transport system is facing, a number of examples and academic sources from modern and historical world practice showing the importance of transport mobility for economic development, the experience of countries similar to Russia in terms of economic and geographical location. Based on that experience, a systematic approach is proposed, aimed at linking the country's transport system global development goals and the local context of the transport infrastructure facilities formation. Based on two modern examples of the transport system development in Russia, a conclusion about the relevance of using the approach in transport planning is drawn.

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 Keywords:  transport mobility transport strategy world experience systems approach case studies

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