MAGAZINE №5 (76) October 2016



SHIDLOVSKIY I.G. - Assistant, Department of Logistic Infrastructure Management, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY  Inventory management Optimization and mathematical modelling Transportation in logistics


Transport maintenance of multiproduct inventory management deliveries problems are especially relevant nowadays if for their solving the vehicle cargo load / capacity is taken into account. Such decisions are required for situations, when it is not possible to place defined by traditional formulas optimal order quantity in vehicle due to existing restrictions on overall dimen sions or weight. The purpose of the article is to help managers working in this area, in harnessing new approaches and methods for making optimal / best decisions on the transport provision of supplies with regard to such situations. We are talking about the possibility of using available hidden reserves for increasing the efficiency of the specified type supply chain operation. Such possibilities can be provided by taking into account several important factors in optimization, such as: 1) time value of money; 2) the specifics of supply chain cash flows which determined by the format of storage costs calculation (rent, or paying only for the occupied places in a warehouse); 3) vehicle cargo load / capacity; 4) and also the possibility of an effective supply maintenance using multiple vehicles per each delivery. The criterion for decisions optimization is the traditional for such type of models minimization of supply chain operation costs in a format of corresponding inventory management EOQ-model modification that allows to take mentioned above factors into account. For the model modification implementation it was required to develop the new universal formal of both the model and corresponding EOQ-formula what is firstly realized in this article for the multinomenclature supplies. Such a new model representation format allowed in a uniform way, i.e. at once for all of model modifications, to carry out the analysis of joint deliveries by several vehicles feasibility at discounts on the costs of such deliveries. It is proved the necessary and sufficient condition that establish the acceptable / threshold level of prices at which the joint deliveries in format of such multinomenclature models can be effective, in order to compete with traditional solutions. Numerical example illustrates the effectiveness of the proposed approach to the optimization of transport maintenance of deliveries at inventory management multinomenclature models.



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