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CATEGORY  Analysis in logistics and SCM Analytics and reviews Global logistics projects Industrial companies’ corporate logistics



 Automotive industry is one of the global industries that suffered the most from the 2008 crisis. The industry has a very complex value chain. Its after-crisis recovery is accompanied by transformation of relations between supply chain members and leads to changes in competitive positions of participating countries and regions. Research into specifics of value chain development in automotive industry before and after financial crisis 2008 can help to identify ways that may support the recovery of the industry from other global crises, incl. COVID-19. The research is aimed at spotting the changes in global value chains of the leading automobile exporters appeared as a result of the 2008 financial crisis. The article analyses the general specifics of value chain formation and functioning in global automotive industry. Based on value added statistical database, TiVA 2018, we explore the dynamics and regional structure of exports in value added terms for leading automobile exporting countries (Germany, USA, Japan, South Korea, China). We investigate and explain the changes in the structure of foreign value added for leading automobile exporters, as well as calculate the intensity of target countries’ integration in value chains before and after crisis. As the primary result of our study we conclude that despite the regional character of global automobile production and consumption, regionalization of the industry after crisis has not deepened. The global automotive industry experiences a bigger role of Asian countries as consumers of final products and automobile exporters. In some countries the share of domestic region in exports and as source of foreign value added is decreasing. The intensity of countries’ value chain integration varies, nevertheless all target countries increase involvement in forward linkages. Developed countries are more active in exports of intermediate products. Developing countries are focused primarily on final stages of production process and final products assembly.


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 Keywords: automotive industry value chain 2008 crisis added value automobile exports


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