MAGAZINE  №4 (93) August 2019

AUTHORS Maydanova S.A.Ilyin I.V. 

CATEGORY  Transportation in logistics Logistic service providers Controlling


The linear container shipping industry nowadays is in a maturity stage, for the key problems resolving companies- the industry incumbents undertake the strategic changes, including digital transformation. Digital transformation is the process of digital technologies integration into all company business activity aspects, requiring introduction of fundamental changes into technologies, culture, operations and the new products and services creation principles.

For digital transformation success achievement companies need to undertake consecutive actions starting from the strategic vision and followed by fundamental realization mechanisms. There is a strong requirement of the new architectural concepts creation, allowing the industry incumbents to get competitive advantage and to provide strategic alignment of business and IT architecture for further successful development.

In this research paper basics of architectural approach to the global container shipping line information systems are formulated, the Enterprise Strategic Alignment Method, allowing the company to develop effectively during the global changes of forms and methods of business; the system of Balanced Scorecard for digital transformation control is developed. 

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