MAGAZINE  №3 (92) June 2019


GORYACHEVA I.A. - Doctor of Ec.Sc., Professor, Economic Security and Innovation Management Department, Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov (Saratov, Russia)

TREGUBOV V.N. - Doctor of Ec.Sc., Professor, Commerce and Engineering of Business Processes Department, Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov (Saratov, Russia)

CATEGORY  Supply chains reliability and sustainability The uncertainty and risks in supply chains Terminology in logistics and SCM


In today's business environment, there is an increase in the variety and degree of influence of disturbing influences on the processes of supply chains, reducing their stability and reliability, which requires a timely response to various kinds of disturbances, taking into account changes in the segment-forming properties of the market. At the same time, high rates
of internal and external changes lead to the need to promptly introduce new technological, technical and informational solutions for the implementation of basic processes in order to achieve balance and improve performance. The relevance of the study is determined by the need for a fundamentally new focus of supply chain management processes in the presence
of a disturbance flow based on the application of the concept of vulnerability to timely identify vulnerabilities, disturbing influences affecting the stability of the functioning of the chain and the formation of preventive control actions of a multilevel nature in leveling disturbances.
A constant diagnosis of the factors and causes of the supply chain vulnerability is needed, which is defined as the sensitivity of the chain to the probabilistic possibility of the configuration match of the corresponding threat and the vulnerable (weak) place of the chain, resulting in the risk of compositional matching of the force field of influence at the point of application. The special focus of the study (article) is on building an adaptive supply chain management model based on the vulnerability concept, which will allow an identified assessment of the likelihood of chain vulnerability to be rated and the degree of hazard based on a structured approach (FMEA analysis) to identify chain vulnerabilities and potential threats that may affect the sustainable functioning and security of the supply chain while ensuring the achievement of target areas.

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MAGAZINE №5 2014


CATEGORY Reliability and stability of the supply chain  Uncertainty and risk in the supply chain Analysis in Logistics and SCM


In the article process maturity model selection as an effective tool for diagnosing vulnerability of logistics processes, the characteristic of the process maturity concept and a typology of maturity models used in logistics and supply chain management. Just describe the main stages of development maturity model of logistic processes, the proposed method is demonstrated by the development of maturity model to assess vulnerability of domestic construction companies regarding logistics risks.



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