MAGAZINE №4 (81) August 2017




CATEGORY  Transportation in logistics


 The article presents a study on the identification of unproductive empty runs for the logistics company (orailway rolling stock operator). The authors have practically shown that in the sphere of railway logistics, it is advisable to use the developed methodology for the unproductive empty runs identification in order to improve the efficiency of company's assets. The described method allows considering the reasons for the unproductive empty runs formation, to identify the responsibility for their formation among the participants
of the railway transportation process and build a system to reduce their impact. The goal of the methods described is to reduce the logistics service providers costs. The efficiency of proposed method has practical value for improving the efficiency of business logistics
and its value is proved by introduction to business activity of the operator of railway rolling stock.
As partial criteria, some methods are considered:
■ the number of empty leg flights in the supply chain;
■ the freight charges cost;
■ turnover railcar assets;
■ eserves double operations.
The methodology presented in the article is of high importance when deciding on the integrated information system implementation
in the logistics company. The algorithm of the methodology can be used in solving the task of automation for transportation process.

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