Improve approaches to inventory management in e-commerce, when using a system of the postamates

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MAGAZINE  №6 (59) December 2013


Elyashevich I. P.,

Frolova M. V. - purchasing managers and the organization of local traffic, Panalpina

Pozamantirov D. O. - intern, department Supply Chain Management, METRO Cash & Carry

CATEGORY Corporate logistics e-business Reviews and Analytics 


Postamates are an effective tool for delivering online orders, which allows to significantly reducing the costs associated with the operation of courier services. We propose a universal approach that allows online stores to manage inventory and make purchases of goods from suppliers based on the statistics of orders, distributed by day of week and delivered by the systems of postamates. The practical implementation of this approach can enable customers to improve the level of service and get a competitive advantage. 



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