Transport-forwarding Activity in Russia and Problems of Regulation

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MAGAZINE №4 (75) August 2016


CATEGORY Providers of logistics services Logistics services market Transportation 


Relevance of a subject is caused by need of transformation of a forwarding service sector and determination of a role of the state in its regulation in modern conditions and the choice of a way of development of the Russian companies.

In article the market situation of the transport-forwarding services (TFS) in Russia, and also tendencies of its development taking into account foreign experience is analyzed. Influence of structure of economy on the market of TEU based on dynamics of an index of business activity is considered the conclusion about revival of economy of Russia and increase in demand for logistics services already by the end of 2016 is drawn. In new conditions outsourcing of logistics services can become the driver of development of economy of Russia.

Transition to strategy of outsourcing and quality of logistics services will force simple intermediaries to leave the market or to change according to requirements of freight owners, they will be succeeded by the logistic operators providing complexity of high-quality services.

In article the proposed amendments to the legislation are analyzed. The special attention is paid to entering of regulation of forwarding activities and consequences for participants of the market are predicted. According to the author, require serious audit of a regulations on entering of the register of freight forwarders assuming bulky and costly bureaucratic procedure.

Developers of the bill have established obviously overestimated requirements to the term of consideration of documents. At the same time for their violation essential penalties are introduced. Change of terminology will demand modification of others legal acts that will entail additional costs for the companies.

The least worked part of amendments is the section devoted to control of activities of freight owners and freight forwarders that will demand increase in number of supervisory authorities.


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