№6 (77) December 2016


Focus:  Logistic activities optimization in supply chains

Main sections:

  • Logistic centers design with the usage of Public Private Partnership
  • Logistics in humanitatian supply
  • Organizational design in logistics and SCM
  • Logistic service management for retail enterprises

KOLIK А.V., GERAMI V.D. Developing the Intermodal Logistic Product in Continental Supply Chains

ROZHENKO M.K. Organization of Multimodal Logistics Centers Projects Based on Public-Partnership Mechanism

DUDINSKAYA M.V. The Sustainability Assessment and Logistic Risks Identification in Supply Chains

MOISEEVA N.K., OLEYNIK S.P., MATYNA L.I. State Regulation of Trans-Border Products Flows. How Is It Organized? Part II

KURENKOV P.V., SECHKEREV A.A. Logistic Modelling of Bryansk-Vostochnyi Railway Station Functioning

ELYASHEVICH I.P. Contract System in State Procurement: Logistic Management Perspectives

DYBSKAYA V.V., SERGEEV V.I. The Organizational Design Methodology in Logistics and SCM

VINOGRADOV A.B., KOBELEVA K.D. Specifics of Logistics Support for Humanitarian Operations

IVANOVA A.V., POLITOVA T.Y. Logistics Service Level in Retail: Classification of Poor On-Shelf Availability Causes 


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